Airbus launches NAVBLUE integrated flight ops, air traffic management services business

MHAirbus has launched a new integrated flight operations and air traffic management service company – NAVBLUE – to provide a complete range of digital end-to-end and integrated flight operations solutions.

NAVBLUE will function as a wholly owned subsidiary of Airbus and be a key unit of Services By Airbus. NAVBLUE’s main offices are located in Waterloo, Ontario, Hersham in the United Kingdom and Toulouse in France, with satellite sites around the world.

NAVBLUE’s portfolio integrates the existing product offer of recently acquired Navtech – which is now bolstered by Airbus ProSky’s air traffic management solutions, as well as Airbus’ popular flight operations innovations such as ROPS and FlySmart.

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The new subsidiary will also draw upon the unique expertise of Airbus Defence and Space coupled with proprietary high quality satellite data and extensive data analysis expertise, to deliver the most accurate solutions. NAVBLUE’s solutions and services will not be limited to Airbus aircraft, but will build on the independent scope and position of Navtech. The product families will support both civil or military environments, on the ground or on board any aircraft.

Mike Hulley, president & CEO of NAVBLUE said: “I am looking forward to lead into the future our new company, NAVBLUE, which is fuelled by the customer-centric agility of Navtech, combined with the pioneering philosophy of Airbus. Together, we will benefit from an expanded global footprint stretching from Waterloo to London to Toulouse and beyond.” He added: “With NAVBLUE we will reinforce and accelerate an already successful business with innovative, complementary flight operations services, talent and customer base around the world.”

Laurent Martinez, SVP of Airbus’ Services business unit said: “NAVBLUE will give a new impetus to the market and bring confidence in fully digital value propositions to our existing and future customers – for all types of aircraft.” He added: “I am also confident that NAVBLUE will evolve and thrive, in the same entrepreneurial spirit as Navtech has done over the last 30 years, as an agile, independent challenger and global flight operations and air traffic management service provider.”

Going forward, NAVBLUE’s offering will be clustered around three pillars: “Data+”, best-in-class aerodata products giving customers access to the right data at the right time, in the right format and in the right place; “N-Software Services”, tailored software services  enabling customers to enhance their operations through unique software solutions; and “Bespoke Solutions by NAVBLUE”, optimizing the overall air traffic management ecosystem by providing products and services around safety, compliance and performance monitoring.

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Farnborough 2016 News from NAVBLUE, Airbus’ new fully-owned flight operations subsidiary – formerly Navtech, Airbus ProSky and Airbus Flight Operations Services.

Air France selects ROPS technology and Auto-Pilot / Flight Director TCAS for its A320 Family and A330 fleets Air France has agreed to install Airbus’ Runway Overrun Prevention System (ROPS) and AutoPilot / Flight Director TCAS (AP/FD TCAS) on its A320 Family and A330 fleets. ROPS is an innovative performance-based alerting system that assists in preventing runway overruns – one of the most frequent causes of aircraft accidents today. AP/FD TCAS is a safety enhancement allowing pilots to fly TCAS “Resolution Advisory” traffic avoidance manoeuvres with AutoPilot on or Flight Director engaged. It will enhance the safety of Air France’s fleet, which consists of more than 115 A320s and 15 A330s. Both ROPS and AP/FD TCAS were ‘industry-first’ innovations developed by Airbus which are now included in the solutions portfolio of Airbus’ new wholly-owned Flight Operations and Air Traffic Management subsidiary – NAVBLUE.

Hawaiian Airlines selects NAVBLUE’s N-Flight Planning System Hawaiian Airlines has chosen to implement NAVBLUE’s (*formerly Navtech’s) N-Flight Planning System. With this system Hawaiian will realise several flight operation benefits, including increased flight plan accuracy and higher productivity of dispatchers and flight planners. The system also offers superior optimization results, with integrated flight hazards, such as turbulence and icing. Furthermore, the predictive services provides “Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring” (RAIM) prediction capabilities to support Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)-based operations.

NAVBLUE introduces “Airline Operating Control Center” web application
NAVBLUE has introduced a new web application: “Operating Control Center” (OCC). This solution is based on the Airbus Flight Operations’ experience with real airline OCC teams to track fleets, communicate with aircraft, bring in-flight vertical profile optimization capability for each‎ aircraft of a tracked fleet. It also allows the real-time monitoring of various parameters from the aircraft, while having an overview of the weather situation. This solution completes the new NAVBLUE N-Flight Planning and Crewing services and can generate “Electronic Flight Folder” packages on aircraft systems and pilots’ “electronic flight bags” (EFBs). OCC also ensures consistency with the same NAVBLUE aeronautical information datasets embedded on ground and on-board.

NAVBLUE launches new Aeronautical Data solutions NAVBLUE has launched new aeronautical database services using satellite data for operators and authorities. The new offer provides a full spectrum of aeronautical data services ranging from tailor-made datasets to fully-fledged aeronautical data cockpit solutions. The most recent product in this portfolio is NAVBLUE’s new Runway Mapping Database which EASA recently granted “Letter of Acceptance Type 1 and 2” certification to. The aeronautical database services also include an electronic terrain database and an obstacle database. All these products benefit from the expertise of Airbus Defence and Space – utilising its high quality satellite datasets.

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