SAE seeks bird strike expertise

SAE International is seeking members for a new technical committee that will establish international standards for artificial birds in  the development and certification of structures and engines for bird strike testing.

The SAE International G-28 Committee, Simulants for Impact and Ingestion Testing, will define standard test requirements and manufacturing criteria for simulants.

Issues to be covered by the committee will include:

  •     Definition of test requirements for approval of artificial simulants (e.g. birds).
  •     Means of correlation of artificial simulant test results with real object test results.
  •     Substantiation and definition of manufacturing procedures for artificial simulants and guidelines for usage.

The SAE G-28 Committee plans to hold its first meeting August 31 – September 1 at SAE International’s World Headquarters in Warrendale, PA, USA. Julian Reed, engineering fellow – impact, Rolls-Royce, will serve as the committee chair.

The committee is seeking members who are familiar with bird-strike testing or have an interest in developing test requirements and manufacturing criteria for artificial birds. similar types of work.

Subject matter experts from operators, aircraft OEMs, engine OEMs, pilots, testing laboratories as well as civilian and military aviation regulatory authorities are encouraged to participate. Anyone interesting in joining the committee should contact, Laura Feix, SAE International at