Solar powered advisory system for Gujarat

Potomac Aviation has installed a third MicroTower (ATAS) at Gujarat, India.
Potomac has almost 100 installations across United States as well as new systems at palace heliports in the Middle East, airports and heliports across Asia, India, Indonesia, and even the African Congo.
These systems seamlessly serve a wide variety of airports and heliports, from low use private ranches, resorts, high end residential airparks, to public airports with hundreds of aircraft and tens of thousands of operations. Civil and military also use them as supplementary and to provide continuous after-hours coverage.
MicroTower shares airport traffic frequencies like an intelligent pilot or controller. It listens, greets, and responds to pilots’ routine radio communications, then replies directly, adjusting what it says based on frequency congestion and operational importance.
Each unit also has built-in AWOS, to observe area conditions real-time. It combines this with each unit’s pre-programmed expert knowledge of flight operations and airspace for each location.
The equipment is small, compact, modular, self-contained, autonomous, and 100 per cent solar-powered, routinely installed and fully functional within just a few hours by local personnel. As it gets powered up it instantly links to the internet through built-in global satellite and/or through any local internet connection.
Potomac Aviation Technology owns and operates Potomac Airfield, a general aviation airport just a few minutes from downtown Washington DC. Potomac uses its own airfield for development as well as a show place for government officials visiting Washington DC.
David Wartofsky of Potomac, said: “As Automated Teller Machines (ATM) have done for banking, MicroTower enables any airport or heliport of any size anywhere, to provide all the essential air traffic advisory services needed by operators, opening airports and airspace as never before possible.”