Latvia to provide comms for Estonian ANS

Latvian air navigation service provider Latvijas Gaisa Satiksme (LGS) is now delivering AFTN/AMHS system operator services for the Estonian Air Navigation Services (EANS).
LGS will also remotely operate the EANS communication centre on behalf of EANS.
The framework agreement for this cooperation was signed this June as both EANS and LGS recognised this would bring mutual benefits, allowing for cost optimisation and a qualified service.
Back in 2015, EANS purchased a modern AFTN/AMHS system from Frequentis, a manufacturer of industry-leading communication, information and tower automation systems for managing air traffic. Furthermore, LGS was selected for the delivery of the outsourced AFTN/AMHS operator services. This is a good example proving that differing national requirements and rules should not prevent seeking cost-efficient solutions cross-borders.
“We very much appreciate that EANS has selected LGS to provide the AFTN/AMHS operator services, as this not only proves the high qualification of our experts, but also helps intensify the competitive potential of our company in the air navigation and related services market,” said Mr Davids Taurins, chairman of the board of LGS.
Tanel Rautits, chairman of the Board of EANS added: “The Estonian ANS has been among the most cost efficient ANSPs in Europe for the last 20 years always striving for efficient and high quality service. Co-operation with LGS will support both of these objectives by providing us a quality service and boosting efficiency by using the shared workforce. We greatly appreciate that our long-term co-operation with LGS has resulted in this shared service, and we expect more similar ventures in the future.”
EANS and LGS have a long-term cooperation history, and share membership in the North European Functional Airspace Block – NEFAB and the Borealis Alliance, a leading Alliance of Air Navigation Service Providers that enables its members to drive better performance for stakeholders through business collaboration.
AFTN (Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network) and the more modern AMHS (Aeronautical Message Handling System) are air navigation ground-ground communication networks for air navigation service providers and other air navigation entities. The systems are used for transmitting air navigation data (e.g. flight plans, emergency messages, meteorological data or other urgent notifications) in accordance with international standards.