FAA invites applications for 1,400 controllers

The United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has dropped the controversial ‘biographical profile’ for prequalified (college programme and military veteran) air traffic control trainee applicants and will  hire 1,400 new trainees this year.

Applications will only be taken from today (August 8) and August 15 at the U.S. government’s official jobs website.

In an announcement, the agency said it was creating two streams of new applicants. Those who have college diplomas and those who have military air traffic control experience will not be subject to the mysterious written test that have washed out hundreds of military controllers and graduates of Collegiate Training Initiative (CTI) programmes since 2013.

The latest FAA reauthorization barred the agency from using the test for graduates and veterans but “off-the-street” applicants will still be able to go through the process.

The FAA expects 25,000 applications for the 1,400 jobs and it’s not clear if the CTI and veteran applicants will enjoy the preference they did in the past. Until the reauthorization was passed, there was no indication the FAA intended to change the practice.

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