AirMap, PASSUR strike flight data deal

Drone airspace management platform AirMap and PASSUR Aerospace have partnered to integrate PASSUR’s live flight data with AirMap’s real-time traffic alert system for unmanned aircraft.

The partnership will make real-time data about manned aircraft flights from PASSUR’s commercial passive radar and ground-based flight surveillance network available to the hundreds of drone innovators and app developers who use AirMap’s developer platform; to the millions of drones that are powered by AirMap’s integrations with leading drone manufacturers; and to anyone who downloads the AirMap iOS or Android app.

PASSUR owns and operates the largest commercial passive radar and ground-based surface flight surveillance network of its type in the world. It provides aircraft position updates every 1 to 4.6 seconds, powering a proprietary database that is accessible in real time and delivers timely and accurate flight tracking data for manned aircraft.

AirMap and PASSUR have agreed to integrate PASSUR’s industry-leading aircraft surveillance data with AirMap’s real-time traffic alerts, which provide live updates to drone operators about the position and trajectory of manned aircraft in the local environment. PASSUR integrates multiple, overlapping real-time surveillance sources (including its own proprietary secondary surveillance sensors, Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast/ADS-B, and other data) to ensure the most accurate, complete, and reliable aircraft location at any given moment. By putting reliable real-time traffic data into the hands of drone operators, developers, and other stakeholders, AirMap and PASSUR are significantly advancing safety and situational awareness for all airspace stakeholders.

AirMap and PASSUR will also explore opportunities for drone operators to share real-time digital information about the location of their flights with manned aircraft using PASSUR’s proprietary databases and world-class air traffic management products.

“AirMap’s partnership with PASSUR will make the skies safer for both manned and unmanned aircraft,” said Ben Marcus, CEO of AirMap and an airline transport rated pilot and flight instructor. “By adding PASSUR’s real-time information about manned aircraft to AirMap’s existing data about live and hyperlocal flight conditions, we are enhancing situational awareness in low-altitude airspace – and making beyond-line-of-sight flight and deconfliction with manned aircraft possible for drones.”

“PASSUR and AirMap collectively bring the leading manned and unmanned commercial traffic management platforms together, creating a big win for all aviation constituencies,” said James Barry, president and CEO of PASSUR Aerospace, Inc. “This partnership further solidifies our position as the leader in aviation’s big data, leveraging our unique data, solutions, and expertise to ensure that the emerging drone operator community is being integrated seamlessly and safely within the existing national airspace system.”

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