INEA offers €400 million for SESAR deployment

The Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) has now launched the 2016 CEF Transport Calls for Proposals which includes a budget of €400 million to support SESAR deployment.
The amount is split into a general (€300 million) and a cohesion (€100 million) envelope.
Indicatively, 80 per cent of the funding available under the “Single European Sky – SESAR” priority will be dedicated to Pilot Common Project (PCP) implementation under SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM) coordination.
ATM industry stakeholders can now submit PCP-related projects through the SDM.
“We see with satisfaction the continuation of the political commitment on SESAR Deployment,” said Massimo Garbini, SDM managing director. “With this third call the role of SDM is even more recognised as an added value through the prioritisation of ATM investments to correctly deploy the Pilot Common Project. SDM will deliver appropriately!”
The main technical driver for this call is the Deployment Programme (DP) developed by SDM in wide consultation with ATM stakeholders.
Based on the “readiness for implementation”, as assessed in the DP, 11 specific implementation families of the DP have been indicated as a priority for the Call (details in annex).
Among those implementation families is the System Wide Information Management (SWIM) for which SDM has designed a SWIM Governance Action Plan.
On top of these 11 families, there is a strong focus on Data Link Services (DLS) in this call which also refers to the DLS Recovery Plan developed by SDM at the request of the EC for the purpose of this specific Call, in accordance with the DLS Implementation Strategy towards Initial Trajectory Information Sharing embedded into the DP.
The indicative financial envelope that is made available for the implementation of the DLS recovery plan is maximum 30 per cent of the to-be-budget allocated to the implementation of the PCP within this Call.
The SDM will inform the manufacturing industry on 25 October via live webstreaming and is inviting all stakeholders to attend the SDM 2016 CEF Transport Calls for Proposals Launch Event on 27 October.