Comsoft Solutions is providing enhanced functionality, reliability and performance with the upgrade of AMHS and Eurocontrol’s ARTAS Tracker for Serbia and Montenegro.
Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services (SMATSA) will upgrade their current AMHS solution and ARTAS system with Comsoft Solutions in order to maintain and enhance safe and efficient air traffic within SMATSA’s Area of Responsibility.
The upgrade will include the ability to import AMHS address tables, to export statistical information and be upgraded with European Directory Service (EDS) functionality.
Additional CADAS-ATS flight planning servers will also be included as well as training for all new functionalities. ARTAS will also be upgraded to the latest V8B version on a new hardware platform (as defined by Eurocontrol’s CAMOS Service) and customised based on the Eurocontrol Specification for ATM Surveillance System Performance (ESASSP) using COMSOFT Solution’s RAPS-3 product and the Eurocontrol Surveillance Analysis Support System for ATC-Centre (SASS-C) product.
Comsoft Solutions’ AMHS solution, AIDA-NG, and Eurocontrol’s ARTAS surveillance tracker were first supplied to SMATSA in 2011 as part of their Future ATM Modernisation and Upgrade System (FAMUS) project. In 2012 SMATSA also opted for the AIDA-FPL flight planning tool from Comsoft Solutions, to assist with their transition to the new flight plan format.
SMATSA is responsible for Air Traffic Control, Flight Information and Alerting Service in 145,566 square km of airspace, including the Republic of Serbia, the airspace of Montenegro, part of the airspace over the Adriatic Sea, as well as 55 per cent of the upper airspace over the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Comsoft Solutions’ AMHS product AIDA-NG provides fully integrated and uniform message handling facilities, while the data processing capabilities and tracking of Eurocontrol’s ARTAS further enhance the accuracy and reliability of surveillance coverage.