Denmark's Integra eyes CNS services

Danish company Integra Holding has purchased a majority holding in the German CNS-services and air navigation system company BAN 2000.
This acquisition is part of a growth strategy aiming at strengthening Integra Holding’s position within air navigation system delivery and turnkey projects.
Integra’s activities encompass four main business areas within the aviation industry; consultancy, education, drone operations as well as system delivery and turnkey projects.
BAN 2000, which was established in 2000 as a limited liability company, is mainly engaged with air navigation projects in the Middle East including three airport projects in Turkmenistan. Additionally, they are responsible for CNS system services in over 20 airports in Germany, a business area which the company will develop.
Integra chief executive Michael Niels Thorsen said the acquisition will strengthen its position on the international market. “Strategically speaking, the acquisition is very convenient as Integra Holding’s subsidiary ScanAvia, which is mainly engaged in the field of airport airside equipment, and BAN 2000 focus on different geographical areas and will be able to complement each other’s product lines. For instance, BAN 2000’s CNS service certificate will give BAN 2000 the ability to perform service and maintenance tasks for Danish airports.”
He said the acquisition should be seen as a consolidation within this area, as future supply of equipment for airports require suppliers to accept full responsibility in terms of delivery. “As part of the Integra Holding group, ScanAvia and BAN 2000 can offer to take the full responsibility of the entire project, including consultancy and training of staff. In addition, there is a great potential in utilizing Integra Holding’s technical expertise and historically strong network within the airport industry, he said.