AOPA clarifies FAA ADS-B rebate for pilots

More than 2,300 aircraft owners applied for a $500 rebate in the first two weeks of the FAA’s programme to encourage early installation of Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast Out (ADS-B Out) systems in their aircraft ahead of the January 1, 2020, deadline, reports AOPA.

The volume of activity has highlighted the need to clarify some aspects of the programme, especially to ensure that pilots conduct proper flight tests and carry out other steps in accordance with the rules, reported Rune Duke, AOPA director of airspace and air traffic.

The rebate programme, a collaboration between the FAA and AOPA, the Aircraft Electronics Association, and the General Aviation Manufacturers Association, is intended to motivate owners of less expensive general aviation aircraft to install ADS-B Out equipment ahead of the 2020 mandate to avoid potential bottlenecks at installation facilities.

Several pilots have reported that they were unable to schedule their ADS-B Out installation within 90 days of reserving their rebate, as the FAA rebate site requires, because of avionics shops’ workloads. One option for pilots facing that complication is to schedule the installation at another nearby installation shop, Duke said.

Avionics manufacturers participating in an ADS-B panel at the Oct. 1 AOPA Fly-in in Prescott, Arizona, noted that pilots can indicate a reservation date at the system’s maximum allowable 90 days out. If the installation takes place after that date, the only effect will be that the aircraft owner has less than 60 days left to fly and validate the installation. Pilots should keep track of the combined total time limit of 150 days, as exceeding it may require reapplying for a reservation.

The ADS-B rebate is considered taxable income, according to the FAA. Pilots can have other questions answered via the FAA’s rebate help email address. Aircraft owners who are researching the rebate programme can view this FAA instructional video for details.

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