CISCEA salutes Frequentis on 5-year ATM network partnership

Major-Brigadeiro do Ar Sérgio Roberto de Almeida, president of CISCEA, and Hannu Juurakko, vice president, ATM civil, at Frequentis.

Major-Brigadeiro do Ar Sérgio Roberto de Almeida, president of CISCEA, and Hannu Juurakko, vice president, ATM civil, at Frequentis.

CISCEA, the Commission for Implementation of the Brazilian Airspace Control System, and Frequentis are celebrating a major milestone in the nation’s ATM network modernisation programme

Two weeks of Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) were successfully completed on October 5 at Frequentis’ headquarters in Vienna.

Major-Brigadeiro do Ar Sérgio Roberto de Almeida, president of CISCEA, was on hand to mark this major step forward supporting the successful partnership for the Brazilian ATM network programme, presenting the business with an award for its performance in designing, developing and implementing the nationwide network for ATM services and applications.

Frequentis’ ATM-grade IP network solution is called vitalsphere and incorporates three different transmission technologies – terrestrial IP, terrestrial TDM and satellite IP – into a modern air traffic management network. The solution ensures ‘application-aware’ routing decisions for radio, telephone calls and operational data in order to provide the highest level of availability. It also integrates administrative applications and a national management system which handles monitoring and configuration capabilities for the different subsystems.

The FAT was conducted in the presence of a delegation of CISCEA and other programme partners at Vienna headquarters of Frequentis. Factory tests were performed on equipment designated for 20 sites including one area control centre, approach sites, radio sites and mobile stations. In addition to requirements verification, it included tests for bandwidth optimisation, load testing and the emulation of net-work impairments and security threat scenarios.

This important step and recent operational tests in the field were celebrated together with the five years partnership in implementing the Aeronautical Telecommunications Network in Brazil (ATN/Br).

“The solution implemented by Frequentis enables future growth capabilities while bringing flexibility and efficiency to meet dynamic operational demands. With an enhancement of overall service levels this result in economic advantages through reduction of our wide area network component costs,” said Tenente-Coronel André Eduardo Jansen, director of the technical division at CISCEA.

During the celebration, Major-Brigadeiro do Ar Sérgio Roberto de Almeida presented an award to Hannu Juurakko, vice president, ATM civil, at Frequentis. “We are responsible for controlling about 22 million square kilometres of airspace and this next generation air traffic management network will help us to keep up with the forecast growth in air traffic for the first decades of the 21st century,” he said.

“It is one of the most advanced aeronautical networks in the world and has been designed following the principles of safety, efficiency and flexibility. The strong engineering partnership between CISCEA and Frequentis resulted in a powerful platform supporting legacy technologies and allowing for future developments. We would like to thank the whole team on both sides and are honoured to receive this award,” said Juurakko.


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