Eurocontrol loans LARA tool to ICAO

Eurocontrol is to provide a demonstration version of the LARA (Local and Sub-Regional ASM Support System) airspace management tool to ICAO.

LARA enables both civil and military to have a clear understanding of each other’s requirements and to manage airspace as effectively as possible, balancing civil needs and military operational requirements in line with national policy – the “Flexible Use of Airspace” concept (FUA). It covers both the planning and tactical phases and allows seamless coordination between different States, facilitating efficient cross-border operation.

The value of FUA is widely accepted and LARA is seen as being best practice in achieving this. This agreement is a valuable step forward in promoting the use of FUA more widely around the world, improving capacity and reducing the environmental impact of aviation by enabling more direct trajectories to be flown.

Eurocontrol, itself a civil-military organisation, has unrivalled experience and expertise in making FUA a practical reality. LARA is also used to support the conversion from FUA to Advanced Flexible Use of Airspace, according to the European SESAR programme, exchanging civil-military data in a much more dynamic form.

ICAO intends to use the demonstration version of LARA in the ICAO Regional Offices to demonstrate the concepts and potential benefits of FUA to ICAO Contracting States, thereby facilitating the implementation of FUA.

Frank Brenner, director general of Eurocontrol, said: With the rapid growth in aviation in many parts of the world, the need for increased capacity and efficiency means that the traditional approach of large areas of airspace reserved for the military is no longer feasible. LARA represents a pragmatic solution to ensure that the military can meet their mission needs while also allowing civilian traffic to use the airspace whenever it can be made available.”

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