EU gives Zambia €5.6m to improve aviation

The European Union (EU) has given Zambia a €5.6 million grant to help the southern African nation of Zambia improve its aviation sector.

The funds will help Zambia address regulatory and capacity challenges and facilitate improvements to the institutional framework to ensure conformity with the operational requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

The expected results include a strengthened air safety and security oversight system, air traffic management services brought up to international standards and capacity building for key stakeholders in the sector.

“In June of this year we were all very pleased that in recognition of safety improvements Zambia was removed from the EU’s air safety list-so that from now onwards air carriers registered in Zambia have access to and can operate in the European skies. We look forward to other positive results induced by this new support program,” EU Ambassador to Zambia Alessandro Mariani said after the signing ceremony.

The grant is financed from the 11th European Development Fund and the programme builds on the achievements of the previous assistance from the EU between 2012- 2015.


In 2009, Zambian registered aircraft were banned from European airspace due to safety concerns but this was lifted this year.

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