Neighbour ANSPs to offer emergency cover

Air navigation services providers from France and Germany are to guarantee contingency cover for airports in Belgium.

The three providers DSNA, DFS and Belgium’s Belgocontrol are all partners within the FABEC airspace block and have agreed through signed agreements to support business continuity in Belgian airspace and especially the accessibility to Charleroi and Liège airports.

The cover would be provided in case of a black-out or similar events, such as the power outage on 27 May 2015 in the Belgian air traffic control centre CANAC 2.

The agreements include that, in this special case, air traffic controllers from DFS or DSNA at the request of Belgocontrol would use special procedures for approaches and departures for Charleroi and Liege airports. Similar procedures will be developed at the other Belgian public airports in Ostend, Brussels and Antwerp involving other FABEC air navigation service providers.

For arrivals at or departures from Charleroi airport, an agreement has been concluded with the French air navigation service provider DSNA, allowing aircraft to be guided by the Charleroi approach control unit up to the Belgian border.

Subsequently, the aircraft would be able to continue its route under the supervision of the Lille approach control unit in France. For Liège, a similar agreement was reached with the German air navigation service provider DFS that will support operations through its control centre in Langen near Frankfurt.

A special emergency file containing adapted flight paths and flight profiles has been compiled in collaboration with European air navigation safety agency Eurocontrol. It will launch the procedures at the request of Belgocontrol so that the planned flights can continue to take place.

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