Rimini airport ATC hands over to ENAV

Italy’s air navigation service provider ENAV has today taken over the ATC service of Rimini airport, its fifth takeover in little more than two years, following Rome Ciampino, Verona, Treviso and Brindisi.

The service takeover follows an Inter-ministerial Decree of the Italy’s Defence Ministry and was coordinated by civil aviation autority ENAC through the drafting of an Operational Plan signed by the Italian Air Force, ENAV and ENAC.

ENAV’s takeover in the management of Rimini airport control tower and approach control service has taken place in a safe and seamless manner after training for air traffic controllers that lasted several months and was based on the use of modern 3D tower simulators at ENAV’s ATC Academy.

Specific on-the-job training was also delivered directly at the control tower in close cooperation with the Italian Air Force, which will continue to operate and maintain a few services until ENAV fully upgrades on-site systems.

ENAV has already planned a technical upgrade plan, in line with its corporate objectives. With the addition of the Rimini airport control tower, ENAV now operates ATC services at 44 airports nationwide.

ENAV chief executive Roberta Neri stated: “With the addition of the Rimini airport ATC, the takeover of military airports by ENAV is complete. Expanding our operational scope to five new airports in little more than two years is a further token of our operational and technical capabilities. I am grateful to the Italian Air Force and ENAV for their cooperation and support in this transition. The outstanding success in this process is the result of great synergy of these institutions working together.”

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