Czechs, Slovakians seal airspace defence pact

The Czech government has approved a joint Czech and Slovak airspace protection agreement.

Within Europe, the airspace of European NATO members is protected by the NATO Integrated Air and Missile Defence System – or NATINAMDS and NATO members contribute to the system with supersonic aircraft.

However, the system is designed only to defend countries against military threats and does not defend them against civilian aircraft used to carry out terrorist attacks.

The agreement signed between the two states now ensures cooperation in cases that cannot be solved within the framework of the NATO air defence system, primarily in a situation where civilian aircraft is hijacked by terrorists, or assistance is required in the case of capability failure of an airforce of either one state. It expressly stipulates that such an operation can contain the use of weapons.

The agreement has already been approved by the Slovak government, although it has yet to be approved by the parliaments and presidents of both countries.

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