Korea to outline Vision 2025 growth plans

Korea Airports Corporation is to outline later this year its Vision 2025 investment plan worth US$856 million.

KAC chief executive Sung Ilhwan was reported on the company website as saying that on May 25, the company plans to launch Vision 2025 at the Mayfield Hotel in Gangseo-gu, Seoul.

He said Vision 2025 will attempt to prepare for the explosive increase in demand for air travel  through the expansion of key airports such as Gimpo by investing KRW 1 trillion (US$ 856 million) by 2018 in order to to handle a forecast 100 million passengers.

In addition, security will be enhanced by strengthening the anti-terrorism function of the integrated control room and through introducing ‘Smart Security’, a future advanced security system.

“Through the development of drones and the transition to the next generation navigation system, we are making every effort to operate problem-free navigation and safety facilities,” said the website statement.


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