Skyguide’s Weder to retire, Bristol succeeds

Daniel Weder, the chief executive of the Swiss air navigation service provider Skyguide is to retire on June 30.

Skyguide said Weder who has been at the helm for 10 years had previously agreed to this change of management with the Board of Directors a year ago.

His successor will be Alex Bristol, currently chief operations officer at Skyguide and former director of international affairs at UK counterpart NATS.

Daniel Weder took up his position as chairman of the management of Skyguide in October 2007 when the business was going through difficulties.

“Daniel Weder has succeeded in stabilising the company, bringing about the necessary change and thus creating the basis for a sustainable future of Swiss air traffic control,” explained Walter Vogel, chairman of the Board of Directors.

He added that Daniel Weder has succeeded in developing Skyguide into a high-reliability organisation and to position the company in a complex national and European environment. “With the virtual centre as a core feature, he was able to give the company a promising orientation. Daniel Weder will leave a well established, continuity-oriented company with a strong performance record. We would like to thank him for his outstanding achievements over a decade, ” said Vogel.

Skyguide said Weder’s successor, Bristol, is a 48 year-old of dual  Swiss-British nationality and has to date made a significant contribution to the strategic orientation of Skyguide.

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