Traffic in Czech airspace doubles over 14 years

Czech air navigation service provider ANS CR last year recorded the third consecutive record-breaking year for air traffic using its airspace.

The total number of movements over the Czech Republic rose to 836,917 in 2016, which is more than twice the level seen in 2002. The annual increase, in comparison to 2015, amounts to 6.95 per cent (782,553).

“The mission of ANS CR is always, and under all circumstances, to ensure maximum safety in Czech airspace. This goal was achieved in 2016, when the highest number of movements ever was recorded. At the same time, we provided our customers with all the services at the required capacity while almost no delay was noticed in Czech airspace,” said Jan Klas CEO of ANS CR.
The average delay value in 2016 amounted to 0.01 minutes per flight, which is significantly below the 0.09 minutes per flight allowed as the maximum delay for Czech airspace by the European Commission in the context of ANS CR’s performance plan.
From an economic perspective, another positive indication is the dynamic 7.9 per cent increase in the number of the so-called service units in 2016. It is caused by the increasing number of kilometres flown, as well as by an increase in maximum take-off weight of aircraft in Czech airspace. The company’s biggest customer remains Lufthansa, followed by Emirates and Turkish Airlines.
ANS CR has not increased its prices for the provided services since 2009. Since February 2015, flight routes in the Czech airspace has been optimised in accordance with the so-called Free Route Airspace concept. This progressive approach significantly saves consumption of fuel and, at the same time, mitigates the impact of air traffic on the environment.
Significant recovery in air traffic continues at Prague Airport, where the 2011 traffic peak was overtaken last year. The total number of movements (take-offs and landings) increased annually by 6.4 per cent to 136,419.
Selected operating information from the Czech airspace

Total number of movements in 2016 836,917 movements
The strongest month – July 2016 87,583 movements
The strongest day – July 30, 2016 3,018 movements
Total number of passengers in Czech airspace in 2016* 130 million

* At the average capacity of 150 seats per aircraft