4-Flight program uses G&D KVM concepts

G&D is proud to announce that Thales have chosen to utilise their KVM solutions in the modernisation project of French ATM systems.


With the complete renewal of the DSNA ATM system the French ANSP is supposed to receive some of the most innovative flight centres across Europe. The new generation traffic management system is going to be deployed at all DSNA en route centres and major approaches. There the systems are adapted to the complexity of the Paris Region Approach, one of the most complex approach areas in Europe.

The system is designed hand in hand with the future users. The involvement of DSNA controllers and technical operators results in the latest generation of human machine interface technology. For an ideal operation Thales decided to use G&D’s KVM systems. These ensure optimum system access – providing best possible working conditions to the controllers.

With reduced routine tasks the comfort for controllers will be increased. Sophisticated controller tools and safety nets are going to increase safety. For further reliability advanced redundancy concepts based on G&D KVM switches are implemented.

First implementations are planned for ACC East (Reims) and ACC South-East (Aix-en-Provence). These two centres will pave the way for the first operational step, to be delivered by winter 2016-2017.

The 4-Flight human-machine-interface is optimized by KVM systems from G&D

Image source: © by THALES

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