LFV sees record number of aircraft movements 

2016 saw a new record for flights in Sweden with LFV air traffic controllers handling 726,000 aircraft movements in Swedish airspace.

This was an increase of 2 per cent in comparison with 2015. At the same time, LFV reduced its costs and was able to lower charges to its airline companies for the third year in a row.

“Recent years’ efficiency improvements at LFV have significantly contributed to reductions in charges. LFV will continue to be among the leading players in the industry through continuing to develop efficient working procedures and innovative solutions,” said director general Olle Sundin.

LFV’s turnover amounted to SEK 3.1 billion (3.4), and earnings after financial items were SEK 14 million (39). Operating revenues amounted to SEK 3,149 million (3,364), a decrease of SEK 215 million. The aviation revenues related to air traffic decreased by SEK 263 million to SEK 2,202 million (2,465).

“LFV revenues for en route air traffic services are based on the number of service units, which have increased by 1.1 per cent compared to 2015, having a positive impact on LFV revenues. Swedish en route charges were reduced by 4.9 per cent on 1 January 2016 as a result of ongoing efficiency improvements required by the EU for all providers of air traffic services. Low inflation has also negatively influenced indexation of en route charges,” said Sundin.

LFV formed Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions during the year, together with Saab. The company will market, sell, develop and operate digital remote air traffic management, both nationally and internationally.

“Our joint experience and strengths will be gathered in one company, so that Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions will become a strong player in the market,” said Sundin.

LFV and Swedavia have signed a Letter of Intent to explore opportunities for remote air traffic management at five of Swedavia’s airports.

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