Thales, Azerbaijan team on airspace overhaul

Thales and Arzebaijan Airlines have signed a Memorandum of Understanding aimed at fostering collaboration to modernise airspace procedures in the country.

Azerbaijan Airlines, in addition of being the country’s flag carrier, also provide air navigation services through a specialist department that acts as the country’s air navigation service provider (AZANS).

The Azerbaijan Republic is forecast to experience a sharp growth in internal, transit and over flight air traffic in the coming years as a result of the strategic position of Azerbaijan at a cross point between Europe and Asia. The modernisation will enable to achieve this goal.

Azerbaijan is an important Thales customer, in 2016 AZANS became the launch customer for Thales’s ECOsystem advanced traffic flow management application, becoming a pioneer in the implementation of next-generation solutions for improving en-route air traffic efficiency.

ECOsystem provides a suite of tools and predictive analytics to enable each stakeholder to optimize their own operation as well as contribute to global optimization through data sharing and collaborative applications.

The signing of the agreement took place at a ceremony in Paris on 13 March, in the presence of Ilham Aliyev President of the Azerbaijan Republic, and Jahangir Asgarov, president of Arzebaijan Airlines.



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