UK greenlights Gatwick 'Route 4' departure

British aviation authorities have approved a revised departure route at the UK’s second largest airport.
Route 4 is a westerly runway departure route flies close to areas of South Holmwood, Leigh, Redhill and Reigate and was one of nine that Gatwick airport first implemented in 2013 to enable modern satellite technology to be used for air navigation for the first time.
The UK CAA reviewed Gatwick’s proposed new departure routes in 2015, but required proposals for Route 4 to be amended as it did not perform as expected.
Gatwick submitted a revised proposal later in 2015, initiated a range of measures to prove its ‘flyability’, including running it through flight simulators, before distributing to airlines to fly for six months.  The CAA has analysed data from this six month evaluation period and approved the proposed route on April 7.
Andy Sinclair, head of airspace strategy and engagement, said: “We welcome news that the CAA has ratified our proposal for Route 4. “Throughout this process we have been mindful of the importance of working closely with the local community, including through public drop-in sessions and other mechanisms.
“We will continue to explore ways to mitigate the impact of aircraft noise on this and all our flight paths. We will study the feedback provided by the CAA in its decision and draw this into our work with the Noise Management Board.  The NMB brings the local community and industry together in a formal structure formally and, at its most recent meeting, started considering more closely the issues around departures at Gatwick.”
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