Eastern Europe continues on free route mission

HungaroControl and ROMATSA, the Romanian air navigation service provider, have teamed up to establish the free route concept in Bulgarian airspace.
Free route airspace allows aircraft to follow defined entry points and exit points without restriction, even following the shortest route possible, resulting in a decrease of fuel consumption and emissions of aircraft.
The total length of the routes taken by the aircraft flying across Hungary has already been reduced by 1.5 million kilometres, with airline fuel savings amounting to more than $3 million, while 16 million kilograms less CO2 is emitted into the air – part of the HUFRA (Hungarian Free Route) initiative implemented by HungaroControl in February 2015.
The introduction of HUFRA was followed by the implementation of N-FRAB (Night Free Route Airspace Budapest/Bukarest) in Hungarian and Romanian airspace in August 2015 who together now ensure the free use of the airspaces of both countries around the clock.
The creation of SEEN FRA (South Eastern Europe Night Free Route Airspace), will now extend the ‘free route’ concept to the airspace of Bulgaria in co-operation with BULATSA, the Bulgarian air navigation service provider. The first step in this process was taken at the end of March to enable the free use of airspace across the three countries at night while the second step will be the free use of airspace during the whole day.
The implementation of the system of free airspace usage above 9000 metres will be mandatory by 2022 in whole Europe.