Adacel tapped for Avinor Bodø FIR upgrade

Adacel has been awarded a contract from Avinor, the Norwegian air navigation service provider to upgrade the ATM system used for managing air traffic in the Bodø Oceanic Flight Information Region (OFIR).

The Bodø Oceanic ATM System (BOAS) has been in operation since April 2015 successfully managing the growing traffic in the Bodø OFIR and providing improved service to airspace users and interaction with adjacent ANSPs. The upgrade will allow for the use of ARTAS surveillance data by controllers. ARTAS merges information based on all available surveillance sources to indicate the most probable and correct aircraft position, while informing the controller of the reliability of that position.

“We are pleased to support Avinor by upgrading the BOAS system. Integrating new sources of surveillance data is a typical example of how we support our customers in the evolution of their systems” said Gary Pearson, CEO Adacel

BOAS is a development of Adacel’s proven Aurora ATM system, which is used to control traffic throughout the oceanic airspaces controlled by Fiji, French Guyana, Iceland, New Zealand, Portugal and the United States.

This Linux based system is scalable to meet all operational requirements and features functionality including 4D profile protection, automated conflict detection, monitoring & control by exception, separation based on individual aircraft performance and equipage, dynamic airspace allocation, controller pilot data link communications (CPDLC) and automatic dependent surveillance contract and broadcast (ADS-C and ADS-B). Approach and tower control are also supported by Aurora systems.

Avinor is responsible for planning, developing and operating the Norwegian airport network. Avinor operates 45 airports in Norway of which 12 are in cooperation with the armed forces. Operations also include air traffic control towers, control centers and technical infrastructure for aircraft navigation.

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