Drones delay dozens of flights in Sichuan

Air traffic at China’s fourth busiest international airport in Chengdu were seriously disrupted in mid-April, according to media reports.

According to Sichuan’s public security department, a total of 23 flights leaving Chengdu were delayed, and 22 flights on their way to Chengdu were forced to land elsewhere due to a drone flying just 3.7 kilometres away from an airport runway on April 18. Within 10 minutes, another drone was detected flying 14.8 kilometers away from the airport.

Twelve flights made forced landings on April 17, and three were forced to make detours on April 14 before ultimately landing, all due to similar circumstances

The airport runway protection area for Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport is reported to cover a radius of around 20 kilometres from the end of its runway meaning that the whole city of Chengdu is within the protected area.

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