State ATM to improve Poland, China operations

Representatives of Russia’s State ATM Corporation have made visits to both Poland’s air navigation services provider PANSA and to the Northeast ATM Bureau of China in an effort to enhance cross border operations.

Last week, delegates from the State ATM Corporation’s head office and north west air navigation branch took part in the meeting held in Warsaw to discuss how to develop automatic co-ordination between ATM systems in Kaliningrad and Warsaw, the implementation of OLDI messages and the future development of Pan-European Network Service (PENS2).

Both providers also considered the possible enhancement of automatic co-ordination through the implementation of REV and MAC messages, their technical and operational implementation aspects as well as OLDI REV / MAC messages specification. The Russian delegates informed the meeting on the operational commissioning of AMHS station at Kaliningrad area control centre (ACC). Poland in its turn expressed interest in establishing an AMHS connection between Warsaw and Kaliningrad.

Both providers agreed to amend several documents, such as Letter of Agreement between Kaliningrad and Warsaw ACCs and various technical regulations.

Representatives of the Northeast ATM Bureau of China and the Far East air navigation branch of the Russian provider also held a recent working meeting in Shenyang, China.

They discussed procedures for better  interaction between adjacent air traffic services units of the two countries. The Russian delegation reported an increase in air traffic between the adjacent ACCs of Khabarovsk and Shenyang.

The parties agreed on a phased transition to radar separation, which will allow reducing intervals between aircraft and increasing capacity. Participants also agreed to establish a new ground digital communication channel for online ATS data interchange. The Chinese side expressed readiness to interact via the OLDI protocol.

The delegates from the Far East air navigation branch visited the Shenyang ATC centre, where they were shown the Tower, Approach and ACC control units, as well as the simulator-based and corporate staff training centres.

As a result of the meeting, both providers agreed to continue efforts to improve the quality of air navigation services, increase capacity, and enhance the reliability of communication channels between the ACCs of Khabarovsk, Shenyang and Harbin.

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