Thales supporting digital transformation of six central American countries, Aruba and Cyprus

The Central American Air Navigation Services Corporation (COCESNA) has entered into operation with Thales’ flexible, dynamic information system to support the airspace of its six member countries.
The TopSky-AIM Aeronautical Information Management system, complete with TopSky-AMHS Aeronautical Messaging Handling System went live only 12 months after contract award.
Air Navigation Services Aruba (ANSA) is also operational with TopSky-AMHS in addition to TopSky-AIS Aeronautical Information Services with the deployment going live only nine months after contract award.
Further, the Air Navigation Services of the Department of Civil Aviation of Cyprus (DCAC) went operational with TopSky-AMHS at the end of last year.
For operators at the digital forefront, like COCESNA, the AIM and AMHS system is a secure information management system that acts as a true accelerator by incorporating information into one single database for data sharing.
With the single, centralised database, TopSky-AIXM, all COCESNA members (Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua), can access information, documents and data in real time.
This is a marked improvement from the legacy systems and procedures and will
significantly enhance efficiency and reduce workload across all en route and approach operations.
In addition to the database, the AIM and AMHS systems provide access to the static and dynamic aeronautical data required by operators, including aeronautical procedures, charts, publications and notices, all fully available to all operators at the right time.
This deployment is a significant step in achieving COCESNA’s objective to become a true AIM Regional Hub, helping it to comply with the latest international standards established by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in transitioning from the legacy Aeronautical Information System (AIS) to a full AIM system and providing foundation to offer services to other countries in the Caribbean / Central America zone.
Also focused on ensuring efficiency and safe air travel, Air Navigation Services Aruba (ANSA) deployed TopSky-AMHS with TopSky-AIS to help ensure the highest level of service for its citizens and its visitors.
Tourism in Aruba peaks at intervals throughout the year, making the immediate, secure and efficient flow of information most critical. Thales TopSky solutions will assist Aruba in providing safe, efficient air traffic management in both routine and peak periods.
Lastly, Cyprus, another high tourism destination, became operational with TopSky-AMHS at the end of last year. The Air Navigation Services of the Department of Civil Aviation of Cyprus (DCAC) deployed TopSky-AMHS to address their significant annual traffic growth.
Thales TopSky-AMHS will streamline and increase the speed of the dissemination of information to the more than 70 airlines operating flights to and from the island as well as support coordination with the six neighbouring flight information regions (FIRs) managing the busy traffic routes between Europe and MID region.