Ireland’s IAA launches E-STRIPS at Dublin

The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) deployed a new Electronic Flight Strips system, E-STRIPs supplied by Saab, at Dublin ATC tower on May 17.

Saab E-STRIPS is a electronic flight-progress strip system developed for replacing paper strips in tower and approach environments. E-STRIPS will assist the IAA and Dublin air traffic control in managing airborne and surface air traffic in a more efficient manner with enhanced safety features. The E-STRIPS system has a number of other benefits including;

•           automation of aircraft flight strip processing
•           a recording and playback function for flight strip interaction
•           better efficiency and safety of tower operations through the programming of strict business rules and additional safety nets
•           help introduce Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) at Dublin Airport – CDM is one of the SESAR Work Packages and will be required to meet the requirements of the Single European Sky.

Peter Kearney, IAA director of ATM operations & strategy said: “The IAA continuously introduces innovative air traffic management solutions which provide enhanced services to our customers and increases safety and productivity in our business. The Electronic Flight Strips system features automated safety nets strengthening the safety of airport surface operations. The system also reduces controller workload as controller inputs are minimized through one-click actions.”

Dublin airport was the fastest growing airport in Europe in 2016 and growth remains strong as it is anticipated that over 30 million passengers will use the airport in 2017. The IAA continues to invest to meet this demand ahead of the expected delivery of a parallel runway by the DAA in 2021.

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