US townhalls speak out against ATC privatisation

The decision by the White House in support of privatisation of US air traffic control system has led to a bipartisan group of over 35 mayors from 28 states across the country speaking of their fears.
“We have serious concerns about the principles put forth by the President to privatise our air traffic control system. While we all agree that investing in American infrastructure should be among our highest priorities, privatising the air traffic control system would harm communities like ours, threatening jobs and hampering the economic activity that depends on our public air transportation system.
“Cities and towns across the country depend on general aviation and local airports to access critical services such as law enforcement, disaster relief, and medical care. These airports and aircraft make it possible for patients in need to travel to receive ongoing specialized medical treatment in urban areas, help farmers to manage and oversee crops, support companies to oversee power lines and transport supplies to communities in need. They are also vital to helping small businesses to operate more efficiently, reach far off plants, transport tools and supplies to job-sites, and travel to multiple locations in one day.
“But privatization of the air traffic control would put decisions about infrastructure investment, routes, access, and market entry for low-cost competitors in the hands of the big airlines. These are the same airlines that have cut flights to small- and mid-sized airports by over 20 per cent in recent years. We simply cannot leave small- and mid-sized communities to fend for themselves.”