Thales unveils TRAC NG advanced en-route radar for both dual civil and military operators

On the opening day of the Paris Air Show, Thales unveils TRAC NG the world’s most advanced dual use civil/military en-route radar.

Derived from Thales STAR NG, the world’s most advanced approach radar, TRAC NG responds to the need to extend primary surveillance across en-route segments in ever more congested airspaces, and the more effective monitoring of secured military airspaces.

The radar has already found its first two major customer countries, including Brazil’s armed forces who handle both civilian and military air traffic in the country.

Primary surveillance radars are the most ubiquitous tools used by air traffic management operators to identify aircraft’s position speed and vector. Unlike secondary radars which rely on the aircraft transmitting information through their radar transponder, a primary radar always knows where its target is, and where it’s heading.

Historically this functionality was mainly required when aircraft were approaching airports. With increased traffic volumes and more congested skies, the ATM industry has been working to make primary surveillance available beyond approach and through to en-route segments to better optimize the airspace.

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