Issue 2 of ATM magazine out now!

In the latest issue of Air Traffic Management magazine, we outline some of the serious obstacles to progress within the European ATM industry and consults with experts whose deep knowledge could provide solutions.

This special report THE ROAD TO INNOVATION also showcases some of the real-world achievements that are occurring right now. Those air navigation service providers and supplier partners who are managing to deploy significantly advanced technologies often through developing innovative partnerships.

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Also in the latest issue:

INFORMATION SERVICES David Hughes from the FAA reporting and outreach team outlines efforts by the US aviation agency to overhaul how information services are delivered

AIR TRAFFIC FLOW MANAGEMENT Stephen McMahon discusses how cross-border air traffic management could build on gains generated in recent XMAN and distributed multi-nodal air traffic flow management demonstrations and combine both in one comprehensive strategy

ANSP FOCUS: LATIN AMERICA EANA chief Agustín Rodríguez Grellet explains the rationale behind four South American air navigation service providers agreeing to join forces

ANSP FOCUS: AIRSERVICES AUSTRALIA Emma Kelly charts the challenges that Airservices Australia’s OneSky programme is meeting

MIDDLE EAST REPORT Snowflake Software explains how to drive growth in the United Arab Emirates with System Wide Information Management

LAST WORD David McMillan asks if privatisation of the US Federal Aviation Administration goes far enough?

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