Belaeronavigatsia outlines Sokol ACC benefits

The new Sokol air traffic control centre near Minsk will enter into service in late 2018, according to media reports.

Valeryan Grod, head of the traffic department of the Belarusian air navigation service provider Belaeronavigatsia, said flights over Belarus are currently guided by its Minsk District air traffic control centre and the air traffic control centre in Minsk National Airport. Belaeronavigatsia also operates regional divisions located at other airports across the country.

“The regional ATC centres will soon delegate a part of their authority to the new centre. They will guide flights within a 60-100 km radius at altitudes up to 4,500 m. The most evident advantage of this process is that the new centre in Sokol will control virtually the entire sky above Belarus,” said Grod.

The new centre is expected to employ some 400 people and will be equipped with advanced equipment.

Grod said that once operational, the (US$45 million) Br87.5 million centre will also help optimise the airspace structure, enhance air navigation services, and promote air security, boosting Belarus’ transit potential.

Grod said there are 56 routes that airlines can use to cross the Belarusian airspace, making up a total network of nearly 22,000 km.

The main users of the Belarusian airspace are Russian and European air carriers (70 per cent in total) with around 750 aircraft transiting Belarusian airspace on a daily basis. In 2016, the total number of aircraft totalled 280,000. Experts forecast that this number will grow.

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