Comsuisse passes SAT at Shannon centre 

Comsuisse has successfully carried out a Site Acceptance Test for a VCCS main operational system for the Irish Aviation Authority at its Shannon air control centre in Ballycasey

The Shannon centre is responsible for traffic over Ireland and 80 per cent of all flights between Europe and North America. It controls flights as far as 15 degrees west, which is approximately 385 kilometres off the Irish coast.

The installed fully redundant VCS offers digital access to other centres as well as to six remote radio sites, 28 radio channels, spread all over Ireland.

The ICS 200/60 installed has a capacity of several hundred operator positions 70 operator positions have been pre-wired. At the current phase 44 operator positions will be used.

Fergal Arthurs, manager, communications systems, at the IAA said: “IAA is glad that comsuisse AG has once more proven the ability to maintain and take in to operation the reliable ICS 200/60 platforms. This was achieved by the experienced crew from comsuisse and the good long-term relationship between IAA and the employees of comsuisse. “

Richard Schöbel, regional sales director at comsuisse, said: “This successful implementation is another milestone for comsuisse to prove the position as a global player in the VCS market. We are looking forward to continuing a long-lasting relationship with IAA.”



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