Air France taps PASSUR for traffic management

PASSUR and Air France have formalised a partnership to develop in Europe several core modules of PASSUR Integrated Traffic Management (PITM), designed to increase flight predictability and minimize delays and disruptions by addressing costly and complex air traffic constraints.
In developing the European version of PITM with PASSUR Aerospace, Air France said it was staking out a leading role among European airlines in advanced network management at the system operations level, adapting air traffic management solutions proven with leading North American airlines and airports, to the specific requirements of the European airspace.
The initial deployment of PASSUR solutions and Air France will be at its Operations Control Centre, and focus on optimising operations at Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG), Paris Orly (ORY), Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS), London Heathrow (LHR), and Istanbul Ataturk (IST) airports.
Air France’s centre will address several critical operational and business objectives, including: supporting flight crews with actionable, predictive information regarding the ATC situation at the destination before and during the flight; predicting risks of diversion; managing diversions; limiting delays and reducing fuel burn (consumption and emissions).
PITM targets key constraints throughout the entire flight trajectory, gate-to-gate, to optimize fuel costs and emissions, schedule integrity, and the passenger experience. The global direct cost of flight disruptions is estimated at $30B annually. PITM:

  • Predicts how the airspace will operate – every aircraft trajectory and constraint
  • Alerts to future constraints and disruptions
  • Advises how to eliminate, avoid, or minimize the constraints and disruptions
  • Enables proactive steps to address complex air traffic management conditions

PITM includes modules for diversion management, airport capacity management, flight trajectory prediction, surface optimization, and collaborative airport information and field condition reporting.
Air France is the launch customer for PASSUR’s Global Air Traffic Initiatives, led by Dan Smiley, SVP Global Air Traffic Management (ATM) Solutions. Prior to joining PASSUR, Dan was vice president of system operations services for the Federal Aviation Administration.