Adacel clinches CAMI tower sim contract

Adacel has been selected to provide a Tower Simulation System (TSS) and associated services to the FAA’s Civil Aerospace Medical Institute (CAMI).

Adacel won the competitive procurement to supply the Air Traffic Control Advanced Research Simulator (ATCARS) Tower Simulation replacement for CAMI’s existing simulator.  This win adds to Adacel’s list of customers using Adacel’s ATC Simulation systems for purely research purposes, including the FAA’s Technical Center and MIT’s Lincoln Labs

“We’re honoured to be selected to provide a state of the art simulation system to CAMI.  Since our founding, Adacel has worked closely with government, academia, and private research facilities in accomplishing complex air traffic research goals to improve the efficiency and enhance safety in the NAS. We’re happy to continue our long-term partnership with the FAA in technology and simulation.” said Gary Pearson, chief executive at Adacel.

The ATCARS laboratory and its simulators are used to conduct research supporting the delivery of benefits to the National Airspace System (NAS) and the FAA’s operations through technology.

The simulation research provides information requirements and usability evaluations for proposed technologies and procedures.  The addition of the device will equip the ATCARS laboratory with a state of the art, high fidelity simulator capable of representing the tasks of all types of air traffic control tower specialists.

The new simulated tower cab is a key piece of technology to allow CAMI to conduct research in the tower environment and allows the exploration of additional human factors research issues.

Pearson said: “One of the key aspects of Adacel’s technology is that it provides a common platform for advanced research that saves time and funding by re-using the FAA’s existing library of site specific visual databases, aircraft models and more than 6000 existing scenarios already built for the NAS”.


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