AirNav Indonesia readies on ABC airspace

AirNav Indonesia has signed a memorandum of understanding with SKK Migas to support aviation navigation services that improve the safety and efficiency of air transportation over ABC airspace.

The signing of the cooperation was conducted by AirNav Indonesia president Novie Riyanto and SKK Migas chief Amien Sunaryadi.

“The purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding is to support Indonesia’s aviation navigation services …. especially for navigation services associated with government programmes to be able to immediately perform the flight information region (FIR) realignment of the ABC sector.”

The three airspace sectors in ABC airspace are located in the Singapore and Malaysia region. Sector A refers to the airspace area of up to eight kilometres across Batam and Singapore; sector B covers the airspace over Tanjung Pinang and Karimun (both in Riau Islands province); and sector C covers Natuna, in the same province. For sector C, Singapore currently controls the airspace navigation at above 24,500 feet and Malaysia below 24,500 feet.

Singapore has controlled the FIR for sector A following Indonesia’s independence in 1945. However, in 1993 Indonesia failed to convince UN aviation agency, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), that it could manage the airspace due to outdated air navigation equipment and lack of supporting infrastructure.

“Acceleration of the realignment is important for Indonesia to realise the safety of navigation services and ultimately sovereignty over the national airspace,” Novie said.

AirNav Indonesia said it will use state property to develop aviation navigation service at Matak and Pagerungan special airports that support oil and gas industry activities.

Sunaryadi said: “The hope is to make upstream oil and gas activities faster and more efficient, while still complying with current regulations.”


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