Germany’s DFS launches airspace overhaul

German air navigation service provider DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung has launched a comprehensive national modernisation programme to optimise its airspace and navigation infrastructure.

The renewal programme will enable the dynamic transition from primarily conventional ground-based to modern satellite-based navigation procedures.

By 2029, flight procedures at more than 60 German airfields will be gradually converted to more precise area navigation procedures supported by satellite navigation. The new, high-precision navigation procedures allow for more accuracy in approach and departure procedures and allow for a more flexible flight route design to improve traffic flow and meet increasing demand.

DFS has already begun the planning work on the introduction of the area navigation system in anticipation of the EU requirement and has already started making the transition from conventional ground-based flight procedures to modern precision navigation procedures in the approach and departure phases.

“Implementation before now has not been possible as the navigation equipment on aircraft used in Germany was not sufficient,” DFS said, adding that today around 95 per cent of the aircraft are now equipped with appropriate modern navigation systems. For the approximately five per cent of the aircraft not yet equipped, DFS continues to offer solutions on a conventional basis.

“With the introduction of precision navigation on approach and departure routes, we will achieve additional capacity in the airspace with a consistent, outstanding level of safety. Our overall concept makes it possible to fly more precisely and at the same time more flexibly. This provides advantages in terms of efficiency and environmental protection,” said Klaus-Dieter Scheurle, DFS chief executive.


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