State ATM Corp, DHMI cement cooperation

A meeting between Russia’s State ATM Corporation and Turkish air navigation services provider DHMI was held in late September.

The Russian delegation was headed by State ATM Corporation director general Igor Moiseenko, and the head of the Turkish provider Funda Ocak.
Igor Moiseenko updated DHMI on the activities of the State ATM Corporation, changes in air traffic volumes and the corporation’s development plans. DHMI presented current projects and ongoing ATC technology implementations.
The parties discussed the significance of cooperation in air traffic management between Russia and Turkey, exchanged views on a number of issues and outlined prospects for further development.
The Russian delegates also visited the Ankara control centre where they were briefed on the specifics of air navigation services in Turkish airspace.
A Memorandum of Cooperation between the State ATM Corporation and DHMI was signed as a result of the meeting.