Shuster intent on US spinoff legislation

Supporters of the controversial plan to spin off US air traffic control from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) are planning another push for a House vote on the legislation in October.
Both the United States House and Senate last week passed a six-month FAA funding extension although the legislation did not contain language to remove air traffic control from the FAA,
The House rules committee has now reopened the amendment process for legislation that would separate air traffic control from the federal government, with amendments due by Thursday afternoon.
Bill Shuster, chairman of the House transportation and infrastructure committee, has said the goal is to bring the measure to the floor in the next week or so. The proposal, which previously failed to win enough support, features within a broader bill that would reauthorise the FAA for six years.
The Hill reports that Shuster is hoping the momentum already built for the spinoff proposal, which has the backing of President Trump, will help finally get it passed in the House.
The measure continues to face opposition from those who fear the move would give too much power commercial airlines. Mark Baker, president and CEO of general aviation lobby group AOPA, said his organisation would ‘continue mobilising pilots and working with elected officials to ensure we don’t give away our skies to the airlines and instead focus on continuing efforts to modernize air traffic control’.
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