US Data Comm transitions to single log-on

The US Data Comm programme will phase in a National Single Data Authority (NSDA) for controller pilot data link communications (CPDLC) log-ons starting on October 21.
NSDA will be enabled at each CPDLC departure clearance airport, grouped by Air Route Traffic Control Centre (ARTCC) and time zone to minimise operational disruptions.
Operators will need to log in using “KUSA” instead of the airport-specific code now used for domestic operations. This message will be relayed via D-NOTAMs and the Automatic Terminal Information Service system.
NSDA enables seamless transfer of CPDLC across facilities within the continental US. It will be used at the outset for departure clearance, but will expand to en route as FAA continues its Data Comm programme rollout.
NSDA implementation will be a rolling process that is expected to take about three hours. FAA’s ARTCCs and affected towers will be divided into three groups. Once the changeover happens, the FAA, the ARTCC and a designated tower within each ARTCC will conduct a log-on test to verify the system is functioning properly.
During the process, a dedicated phone line for each of the ARTCC groups will be active, where operators and FAA can coordinate and address any issues.
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