Ukraine presents Odessa ATM centre plan

The outline draft of a new complex of ATC facilities at Odessa International Airport –  where construction of a new runway has already started – has been approved

State aviation authorities are planning to build an air traffic management centre together with an administrative building, power plant and control tower, which will provide new modern equipment that meets European safety standards.

Construction is scheduled to last 2.5 years with the total cost of the project which also features an airport hangar – so far amounting to 1.67 billion hryvnia (US$63 million) of which 500 million have already been allocated.

The construction scheme is based on a 2012-2013 development project and has a runway length of 2,800 metres with the possibility of increasing its length to 3,200 metres. The existing runway will be transformed into a taxiway parallel to the new runway.


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