ENAIRE to upgrade controller working positions

ENAIRE, Spain’s air navigation service provider, plans to upgrade the working positions of its air traffic controllers as part of a commitment to excellence and innovation.
This decision is part of its 2017-2020 strategic plan – Flight Plan 2020- which will entail a total investment of €300 million.
A multi-disciplinary working group will be created to upgrade the current working positions for air traffic control, and it will initiate its activity in 2018. This team will take into account the participation of the social stakeholders and air control professional associations. Human factors will play a significant role in defining the new control position.
These improvements are performed as part of the iTEC partnership, of which ENAIRE is a founding member. This partnership has brought together the main providers of air navigation services in Europe, and it is developing the new generation of working positions for common and interoperable controllers, as well as the future Common Flight Plan Processing.
This upgrade of the air traffic control system includes new functionalities within an ambitious overall plan of deploying tools that will assist the controller. Among others will be the extension to the en-route control centres and terminal area of electronic flight strips, first introduced in to ENAIRE towers.
This new functionality will feature an evolution towards further interaction of the controller with the system, automatically updating the data and optimising the management of flight plans, authorisations and traffic transfer, which can be directly viewed on the radar screen.
Data collected from the aircraft’s onboard systems will be presented via data links which will provide the controller with further information.
Advanced radar surveillance functions and additional tools and security networks will be incorporated with the purpose of increasing predictability when it comes to managing potential conflicts between planes.
This technological upgrade programme is complemented by resources and equipment aimed at further supporting contingency situations and consolidating controller training.
In addition to upgrading air traffic management systems, ENAIRE is planning to invest improving the following areas:

  • Reporting
  • Navigation and Surveillance
  • Infrastructures
  • Technical Operation
  • Information technologies and systems
  • Aeronautical information services

These technological advances, which are in line with the Single European Sky programmes (SESAR 2020), will help deal with the expected growth of air traffic in upcoming years, thus guaranteeing the provision of air navigation services to customers and users with security, quality and efficiency.