FerroNATS launches SkyWay training academy

FerroNATS, the largest commercial air traffic control operator in Spain, will launch a training academy for air traffic controllers that will open its doors in Madrid at the beginning of 2018.
SkyWAY (FerroNATS ATC Training Academy) is an initiative that aims to solve the current lack of professionals in the air traffic control sector.
The new school will provide initial aerodrome air traffic control training-one of the three categories within the air traffic control practice, alongside approach control and en route control.
SkyWAY will provide its students with real career opportunities, not only within FerroNATS, a leading company in the liberalized market, but also within the whole air traffic control sector: a continuously growing industry that offers opportunities for employment and professional development both in Spain and internationally in an increasingly dynamic environment.
In order to become a SkyWAY student it is necessary to be older than 18 years old, pass the selection process and have a good level of English (B2 or higher). After the training period is completed, the candidates will gain the student air traffic controller license, issued by the Spanish state aviation safety agency (AESA), and will be able to work in one of the 12 towers under FerroNATS’ management.
Once the initial training phase has been successfully completed, they will obtain an aerodrome control licence. From that moment, the graduates will have the possibility to join FerroNATS and develop the tasks of an air traffic controller and access a constantly growing labour market.
Pablo Caballero, CEO of FerroNATS, shared his perspective on the air traffic control market following the launching of the SkyWAY academy: “The demand for air traffic controllers is growing and it will increase as the liberalization of the sector continues, an absolutely necessary and unstoppable process.”
The new academy, which will be located in FerroNATS’s headquarters in Madrid, is endorsed by the Ferrovial Servicios’ international airport expertise and the leadership and know-how of the British company NATS in the ATC field. Both companies are also FerroNATS’ promoters and shareholders.
FerroNATS is the largest private air navigation service provider in Spain and manages one in every five flights that land or take off from Spanish airports. The company was created in 2011 as a result of the alliance between Ferrovial Servicios and the British company NATS, following the partial liberalisation of the sector promoted by the government the previous year.
FerroNATS currently provides aerodrome air traffic control services in nine Spanish airports – Alicante-Elche, Ibiza, Valencia, Seville, Cuatro Vientos, Sabadell, Jerez, A Coruña and Vigo-, and will soon service the airports of Cordoba, La Seu d’Urgell and Lleida.
In terms of initial training for air traffic controllers, FerroNATS is present in the Latin American market through an agreement signed in 2016 with the Inter American University of Puerto Rico and Airways New Zealand, an international reference in air navigation.