LFV, Swedavia advance remote tower services

Sweden’s LFV and airport operator Swedavia have signed an agreement to establish remote air traffic services at Kiruna, Umeå, Åre Östersund and Malmö airports.  
“With the agreement between LFV and Swedavia, a major step towards digitalisation and the streamlining of air navigation services in Sweden has been taken. Swedavia is LFV’s largest airport customer and supporting the development of Swedavia’s capabilities and business has the highest priority for LFV,” said LFV director general Ann Persson Grivas.
“Innovation and digitalisation are important elements for the further development of airport operations. The preliminary study which was conducted shows improvements in both technology and coordination, as well as efficiency improvements which are made possible by a remote controlled air traffic control,” says Jonas Abrahamsson, President and CEO of Swedavia.
LFV was the first in the world to develop  air traffic service from a remote position, or Remote Tower Services (RTS) as it is sometimes referred to.
A remote tower centre in Sundsvall was opened in April 2015 for air traffic management of Örnsköldsvik Airport from a remote location. One year later, LFV and Swedavia signed a letter of intent to explore remote air traffic services at other Swedavia airports. A new remote tower centre for air traffic service will be located at Stockholm Arlanda airport to support the four airports.
“Remote tower services is a good example of how LFV works with smart solutions for tomorrow’s aviation. With the establishment of air traffic service from a remote position at four more airports, Sweden and LFV continue to be world-leading in digitalisation of for air traffic navigation services,” said Ann Persson Grivas.
“Constantly striving to improve and make operations more efficient and effective using new technology and digitalisation is the best way to secure the successful development and survival of these airports,” said Jonas Abrahamsson.