Aix-Geneva nexus offers dynamic x-border ops 

FABEC members DSNA and Skyguide have implemented a new interface between the control centres of Marseille and Geneva in October.

Thanks to a new set up of the areas of responsibility and improved coordination, the number of potential conflicts between aircraft flying to and from Geneva and Lyon airports can now be reduced and fluidity of traffic increased.

As a result, the limits of the Geneva terminal maneuvering area (TMA) which lies in the French airspace delegated to skyguide and the boundaries of the Geneva flight information service (FIS) area have been modified.

The management of FIS between the area control centres in Marseille and Geneva has also been reorganised and an innovative, shared dynamic zone of responsibility created which is now regularly activated.

All preparatory work was conducted in close cooperation between DSNA and skyguide including the definition of concept, safety assessment, common real time simulations, training and transition to operation. The implemented design suits all needs and is the result of continuous and result-oriented cooperation. The partners said the same positive approach was also engaged by the supervisory authorities in both countries during the safety assessment.

Maurice Georges, DSNA chief executive said: “This exemplary cooperation was fed by mutual trust. The complementarity of our organisation was key to the successful outcome of this complex project which benefits all our customers.”

Alex Bristol, chief executive at skyguide added: “DSNA has been our strategic partner for years. All airspace users in the Geneva/Lyon area take direct advantage from this close alliance. This is the spirit we want to promote in the Single European Sky, and FABEC is our vehicle on this path.”


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