SANS, Indra sign deal to upgrade ATC systems

Saudi Arabia’s SANS has signed a contract for the upgrading, modernization and development of air traffic systems with Spain’s Indra which has been selected from many international companies due to its experience and advanced technology.

SANS chairman of the board of directors Abdullah Bin Saleh Alsuweilmy said the upgrade will reflect positively in services supporting arriving and departing flights as well as the transit flights over the Kingdom’s airspace and expressed his appreciation for support the company receives from the civil aviation authority GACA.

Chief executive Ryyan Bin Waddah Tarabzoni said: “SANS is the main nerve of our country’s air transport system which is witnessing an unprecedented development, plans and projects. This project is part of the company’s strategic plan aimed at achieving the highest operational targets for the highest level of safety, efficiency, accuracy and precision distinguished services to airline companies using Saudi airspace as such this shall contribute in fuel consumption savings and reduce the operating cost and emission of gases affecting the environment.”

He added that the project includes replacing the existing air traffic management system in each of the regional traffic control centres in Riyadh, Jeddah, facilities in Dammam and Abha as well as connecting 12 towers to the main system. It also includes the training of Saudi traffic controllers, engineers and technicians.

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