Estonia's EANS makes remote tower progress

Estonia’s EANS together with contractor Cybernetica have developed a remote tower at Tartu airport.
Validation and testing has now started which will focus on the audio-video system, human factors and the acceptance of the new workplace by controllers.
Passive shadow modes have now successfully concluded following a two-month period where controllers simulated remote tower operations and gained familiarity with the new work environment.
The next step is to start with the active shadow mode trials during which the controller provides a full ATC service from a remote tower environment.
“As the system is in the development phase then risks are mitigated with a controller in a traditional tower who has constant situational awareness and is ready to take over whenever necessary,” said EANS.
EANS said it plans to develop a technical system that will eventually remote links all its regional airports’  and to a certify multiple remote tower solution.
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