EASA launches EU-wide GA safety campaign 

EASA and aviation authorities throughout Europe have launched a coordinated safety promotion campaign on avoiding airspace infringement.

The campaign which addresses European general aviation pilots and flying instructors has been prepared because airspace infringements of general aviation aircraft have steadily risen in the past 10 years.

The campaign seeks to reach out via websites, videos and further information materials produced by EASA as well as national aviation authorities from the UK, Finland and Belgium. The videos in particular take a more country-specific look at the subject while underlining the common European safety issues, rules and recommendations with regard to airspace infringement.

Besides the campaign on avoiding airspace infringement, EASA is going further in its safety promotion and communication efforts, such as the new GA community site to be launched next week.

It will allow the GA community to connect, share insights and keep each other updated on various general aviation topics. Also, EASA on its website recently started a monthly cartoon, Sunny Swift, which tells stories in many different European languages about tricky situations while flying, and how to avoid or solve them.


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