ERA extends African presence in Nigeria

ERA has won a contract to implement a Wide Area Multilateration (WAM) and ERIS air traffic management system to monitor helicopter traffic flying over the Gulf of Guinea.
The Nigerian Air Space Management Authority (NAMA), in making its decision, reviewed an ERA oil rig monitoring system for the Dutch air navigation service provider LVNL that has already been in operation for three years in the North Sea.
NAMA provides flight information services for helicopters in the Gulf of Guinea area to support their oil and gas operations. NAMA now wants to increase the level of air traffic and therefore needs a reliable, cost effective and robust solution that withstands the typical tropical climate of heavy rains plus 50° Celsius and to be resistant against sea air corrosion.
ERA will supply its mature composite (Multilateration and ADS-B) system NEO along with the ATM system ERIS. The project is planned to be completed by 2020 and is currently in the phase of site survey preparations, which should take place during this summer. ERA will cooperate with a local sub-contractor, the logistics company, Cathedral (West Africa) Limited which will provide logistic support for the installations.
ERA has a great deal of experience with projects in Africa with successful systems in four other African countries: Egypt, Namibia, Uganda and South Africa with Namibia.